Consultative Services, LLC

Consultative Services, LLC (ZCS)

ZORAD Consultative Services (ZCS) was established in May 2009, following my decision to fully retire from the educational arena.  After a few weeks of full retirement, I realized that “retirement” was not yet my destiny; hence, the creation of ZORAD Consultative Services, LLC.

As indicated in my resume, I am a retired school and district level administrator, with skills and expertise in many areas.  As a result of my educational work experiences and leadership opportunities pursued over the past 37 years, I am adept at various tasks and topics and take delight in utilizing my knowledge to benefit others.  The services offered by ZCS can be very beneficial to private individuals, college and university students, churches, clubs, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

The name ZORAD was created by reversing the first three letters of my first name (Roz) and adding my mother’s initials (AD).  For me, the name signifies character, creativity, reliability, courage, and integrity, all of which characterized my mother, Allie Dee Penix.  As Owner/Manager  of ZCS, I take great pride in providing professional products in all aspects of our work.  Our motto is:  “We can do that!”  And we’ll do it with a smile!!!

The services offered by ZCS vary from providing training in diversity and cultural competency, to creating written documents, to editing and proofreading  various documents, to coaching children and adults, to singing and speaking for special occasions, to writing poetry, to designing simple websites. 

If you are in need of any of the services listed above, please consider contacting us.  We would love to provide professional service for you. 

"ZCS ~ Service With a Smile"
Dr. Rozalyne P. Wright, CEO
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