Consultative Services, LLC

Services Offered

ZCS will bring your vision to reality! 

If you would like to provide training for your organization regarding 

cultural competency, then indicate the goal of your training,

the target audience, and the time allotted.

We will submit a proposal to meet your needs.


If you want a special creation to celebrate an event,

simply indicate the special occasion you wish to acknowledge,

provide basic information, and leave the rest to us! 




If you need assistance with editing documents,

then simply provide an electronic copy of the document,

and leave the rest to us!



If you need tutoring, or after-school

academic coaching services, just give us a call!

(Maximum of 5 Students)



If you need a souvenir journal or basic website developed,

then simply give us a call.


Let us help you! 

Please click on the link below for a

description of the varied services offered by ZCS.


Please Click Here for Services Offered.

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